Hojojutsu – The Warrior’s Art of the Rope

Image of a Ju Jitsu Throw

Hojojutsu is part of my Ju Jitsu syllabus and is all about tying people up securely.

A big part of this is the different knots you can use – the knots need to work under pressure but must also be quick to release in certain situations (e.g. when around the neck) when training.

Here are some examples of knots I have learned so far:

Basic Slip Knot

Staple knot – can be easily undone – ideal for around the neck.

Single Loop

Incredibly powerful – the rope will snap before the knot is disrupted – it is hard to undo so use on hands and feet.

Butterfly Knot

Also known as the “handcuff knot” but has other applications for example securing the upper arms to prevent the elbows from being pushed out to the side when escaping a wrist tie.

Rope Chain

This is a series of knots beginning with the single loop and can be used to significantly strengthen the rope.

Skylark Knot

A double slip knot. Very strong knot with safety elements – still, would not use it on neck; stick to the normal slip knot there.

Cat’s Paw

A relatively new knot to me – this one is as secure as they come but has a very quick release mechanism also. Not recommended for the neck however.

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