Building the Shin Musha Gundam (Master Grade) – Part 9 – Backpack

Image about Gunpla

The backpack is going to be a very short section.

In the build guide, this is built as part of the waist after attaching the upper and lower body but in practice, this can be troublesome so I elected to do all the upper body work before attaching it to the lower body, starting with the backpack.

As this is a continuation of the waist build, the runners we needed were already selected.

The main element of the backpack is first so the guide is consulted:

The parts are cut out of their runners and laid out ready:

The main element is now assembled:

Next are the thrusters – four of them in all – which hook into the attachment ports running parallel to each other down each side of the main element. The guide is consulted first:

The parts are then cut out of their runners and laid out ready:

Then they are assembled and the thrusters are attached:

The backpack itself is now ready to be attached to the upper body so the guide is consulted:

The additional part needed is cut out of it’s runner and all pieces are laid out ready:

The backpack is then attached to the back of the upper body:

The next stage of the build is the Gauntlet and Shield elements.

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