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Mystic Knight Gameplay

In this video, the versatile Mystic Knight is showcased taking down a group of bandits along with a Cyclops. All melee weapon and shield abilities are demonstrated and towards the end of the fight, the staff is used to wield lightning magic to take down the Cyclops.

One million problems; traffic isn’t one of them though

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Started a new city named Maxville – named after a wonderful cat, Maximus, or Max as we mostly called him, that my wife and I owned who sadly passed away last year.

Anyhow – on a more positive note, the city is expanding, in the green, and traffic is flowing.

Image from Cities Skylines - Xbox One
Image from Cities Skylines – Xbox One

This is the starting area I have already gone over the river to do some more – the map is Grand River – quite like this one as the water is close so don’t spend too much on pipes.

As I live in the UK, it’s left-hand drive. The residential and commercial areas are all on the left.

The industrial area is on the right.

I have used several one-way roads here to get traffic into the areas but once you’re in there, it’s two-way roads mostly.

Check back for more on this city!