Month: May 2017

One million problems; traffic isn’t one of them though

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Started a new city named Maxville – named after a wonderful cat, Maximus, or Max as we mostly called him, that my wife and I owned who sadly passed away last year.

Anyhow – on a more positive note, the city is expanding, in the green, and traffic is flowing.

Image from Cities Skylines - Xbox One
Image from Cities Skylines – Xbox One

This is the starting area I have already gone over the river to do some more – the map is Grand River – quite like this one as the water is close so don’t spend too much on pipes.

As I live in the UK, it’s left-hand drive. The residential and commercial areas are all on the left.

The industrial area is on the right.

I have used several one-way roads here to get traffic into the areas but once you’re in there, it’s two-way roads mostly.

Check back for more on this city!